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Australia is a preeminent universal education power source with some of the world’s best facilities and trainers, providing a quality study options for the international students. There are many facts and figures according to which Australia is the first preference of the international students.

  • Australia is on 3rd position, ranked by the international students.
  • Out of 100, 8 top universities in the world are of Australia.
  • In Australia, around 22,000 courses are available in 1,100 institutions for international students.
  • All around the globe, out of 30 best student cities, 5 are in the Australia.
  • The University System Ranking is 9th in the world that is far better than that of Germany, New-Zealand and Japan.
  • Australian Universities provide a wide range of study options in the domains like Arts & Humanities, Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health, Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences, Physical sciences and Social Sciences with a lot of specialization as per the need of the students.


The studies of Australia are globally recognized. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) allows the students to easily move through the education system here and provides an easy way for countries around the world to recognise the qualification.

To the entire international student, from past 20 years, Australia is providing quality education.

The survey in 2012 indicates that:-
  • 87% of international student respondents are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their overall experience in Australia.
  • 86% of international student respondents are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their study experience in Australia.
  • 88% of international student respondents are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with living in Australia.


In order to study in Australia, a student has to meet the number of entry requirements and they are in terms of:-
  • English Language Requirements (that vary from the course and the college or the university the student has chosen)
  • Academic Requirements ( vary from the boards and the universities the student has completed the last qualification )
  • Visa Requirements: – (Issued an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment {eCOE} certificate, have to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement, sufficient funds for airfares, course fees & living costs, Meet health and character requirements & acceptable Overseas Student Health Cover {OSHC}).


There are approximately 1,100 institutions in all around Australia and they provide a lot of courses in different domains such as Tourism, MBA, Engineering, Hospitality, Tourism Management, Sports Management, Accounting, Finance, Nursing, Health etc.

The intakes in Australia for international students vary from course to course. The major intake in Australia is in the month of February and March. Some courses have their intakes during July and August whereas; others are in the month of October and November.


In Australia, in total there are 1,100 institutions which is imparting quality education for students from all around globe. These institutions are divided among different categories such as Higher Education, Vocational Education, English Language, Schools , others etc and they are situated in different states such as Australian Capital Territory, New South whales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.


There are a lot of things that a student has to consider and plan which includes:-
  • Planning your departure
  • Arriving in Australia
  • Accessing support services
  • Remaining visa complaint
  • Working while study
  • Living cost and finding accommodation
  • Health and safety.
We in Education Abroad guide you with the whole process before and after attaining visa. If we talk about Living and study cost with the work opportunities, the average living cost for 12 months is $20,290 (which involves Groceries and eating out, Gas, electricity, Phone & Internet, Public Transport, entertainment etc.). If a spouse or partner is accompanying the extra $7,100 one has to pay and $3,040 extra in case a child is also accompanying.

The aspect for the international students is to work while they study. Majority student visas allow a candidate to work for 40 hours every two weeks while the course is in session. But before undertaking any paid work one has to make sure that their visa allows them to work. There are different kinds of work that a student can opt such as Paid Work (Retail, hospitality, Tourism, Agricultural, Sales and telemarketing, Administration or clerical roles, tutoring etc), Internships, and Volunteering etc
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