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Push your boundaries by choosing Study in Denmark

If you have a dream to study in Europe then Denmark is the best destination due to low Cost of Studying and Living in Denmark along with the best educational facilities for international students.


As an international student in Denmark, you could get a world-class education in the different areas of education such as engineering, social sciences, information technology, and life sciences and even you could expect friendly and innovation-driven environment while studying in Denmark.
In this European country, you could grab better educational opportunities and exposure as here education is focused on bringing about solutions for real world for instance during your higher education you could get traditional lectures combined with industrial collaborations and teaching methods due to which you could get advantage to know how to use what you have learned as a student in Denmark means how to turn your knowledge in innovative solutions. If you are convinced for study in Denmark then find out detailed information about study visa in Denmark and the available courses.

What are different Study Options and Courses to Study in Denmark?

In Denmark, students could have the best quality education as Danish higher education institutes offer a wide range of study courses and degrees for local as well as international students. Here more than 600 programs are taught in English which are of high quality and internationally recognized.
Danish higher education institutions offer a range of opportunities for international students. More than 600 programs are taught in English – all internationally recognized and of high quality.
You could get plenty of options for research-oriented educational programs or Applied educational program. You could choose the different educational programs from the subsequently listed programs that are entirely taught in English.
  • Degree courses
    1. Undergraduate courses
    2. Graduate courses
    3. Postgraduate courses
    4. Ph.D programs
  • Exchange programs
  • Short term and summer school programs
For studying in Denmark you could choose the following educational institutions depending on the program chosen by you
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Artistic Higher Education institutions
  • Schools of Maritime education and training programs

How to get Denmark student visa?

We make it easy for you to get a first-class education in Denmark as from starting to end our experienced and trained visa counselors and immigration professionals assist you to choose the best-suited course for your further study and so that you could get study visa in Denmark successfully.

Top facts to know to apply for the student visa in Denmark

  • Initially, the candidate must decide the course for further study
  • Next to decide on a university to apply and to get an acceptance letter from the same
  • If the candidate is planning to stay in Denmark for more than 3months then he or she must need a registration certificate or residence permit as explained below
    1. EU/EEA citizens will need registration certificate and Swiss nationals have to apply for a residence card
    2. For non- EU/EEA citizens there is a need to apply for Danish residence permit 3 months prior for arriving in Denmark for study
  • Candidate needs to fulfill the documentation requirement for study visa in Denmark. Following are some important documents that a candidate need to submit for applying for the student visa
    1. Proof of language proficiency
    2. Proof of visa fee payment that is 310 EUR
    3. Proof for minimum funds to show that is approx. 1000 EUR per month
    4. Acceptance letter from the university
    5. Completely filled and duly signed visa application form
    6. Valid passport
    7. Passport photo and travel insurance
    8. Detailed information regarding your chosen study program
    9. Proof regarding the accommodation arrangement during your study period

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