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New Zealand is known as one of the most preferred study destination, chosen by the Indian students. But before planning about study in New Zealand, every student needs to get the information about the environment, culture and the locality of this country to get familiarized with it. So, firstly lets read out the most common information about the New Zealand that you should know before applying for the student visa for New Zealand.

Nature has blessed New Zealand to touch sun rays and start the everyday first. This is one of the most vibrant places in the world where you will enjoy archaic forests, mind-blowing landscapes and stunning coastline all at one place. In this way, every student, who wants to look beyond classroom walls while studying, may enjoy enduring experiences by living and studying in NZ.

Study in New Zealand offers huge benefits to international students. New Zealand is very popular among international students all over the world. Students get a British-based education that is easy to follow for students. The degrees are recognized around the world as being up-to-date. The tuition fee is some of the lowest in the world. Even for getting this recognition around the world as high-quality education hub the New Zealand government goes so far for checking each and every course, program, and certificate.

Students can easily check out list of colleges here. Not only that, but the support services for international students are among the best in the world. The educational department of New Zealand has a good experience in helping their international students for getting succeed in their programs. Kiwis (people of New Zealand) are some of the most amazing, loving, and welcoming people that are rarely found anywhere in the world. There is hardly any news of harassment of overseas students in New Zealand. So it’s a safe and the best place to study.

The Education of New Zealand will help students earn qualification that is recognized and reputed around the globe. The most common reason why study in New Zealand is that it employs British-based education system with proper qualification framework and pathway to secondary education and universities. New Zealand offers a wide range of courses for academic, vocation and professional interests at top-ranked universities, polytechnics, colleges and secondary schools. International students may gain by enrolling with English language schools to improve their language before commencing study at secondary school and universities. Cost of living and study is low as compared to United Kingdom and United States.

Students can stay with a family as paying guest or get accommodation in hostel. Student Visa for New Zealand is required only for full-time courses like diploma and degrees but not for short-term courses with duration of less than three months. In New Zealand, you enjoy multicultural and welcoming environment and vibrant lifestyle that will be a great and lasting life experience. Peaceful and green environment of country is another major reason why study in New Zealand.

Country with small population offers wide spectacular views that refreshes mind and fill viewers spirit with enthusiasm. Procedure to get study visa is less complex. It has clean, green, friendly and unique atmosphere. It is a high-quality, cost-effective study abroad destination. The people are warmhearted and friendly. Its climate is moderate all year around. There are limitless sports, recreation and leisure opportunities. NZ has a British-based education system. Now you have enough reasons behind why choose to move to New Zealand. To help you enjoy an overall set of benefit, our study visa consultant for New Zealand provides responsible and dedicated services to the students. Starting from filling the college application form to assisting you to make travel arrangements.

Since last decade, we have helped thousands of students to study in New Zealand and gain education as well as experience in their desired career domain. Students always feel helpless to decide upon the college because they lack proper guidance and source of knowledge. Understanding the value of students career and their eagerness to a major change in their life, we feel delighted in serving their excitement. We offer services in all top-ranked universities, colleges and other education institutions that offer students a unique and valuable learning environment. In this way, we help students earn an internationally acceptable degree from New Zealand in the field of their interest.

Living in New Zealand

New Zealand’s capital is Wellington a place of beauty and economic prosperity. The total area of France is 2,68,021 sq. kms which is about half the size of Japan and UK, it’s population is around 4.72 million which grows at 2.1% per year. It’s government type is Parliamentary Democracy and it’s GDP growth rate is 0.2%.

Regional Division
Currently, nation is divided into 16 regions out of which 11 are regulated by regional council and remaining 5 are administrated by territorial authorities that performs function of regional councils too. Major cities for study in New Zealand, where top universities and colleges offering the international education to their students are Wellington, Auckland– center of commerce and industry, Christchurch – the Garden city, Dunedin, Hamilton, Otago and Palmerston North.

Temperature lies between 10 to 25 degrees that sounds perfect for overseas students. In summer, the average maximum temperature ranges between 20-25ºC and in winter between 12-16ºC. January and February are the warmest months, and July is the coldest month of the year.

Three official languages, including English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language are spoken. Maori used by Maori people, sign language (NZSL) is used by deaf community and English is used for official communication that is great thing if you want to get an international degree from New Zealand.

NZ currency is NZD (New Zealand Dollar) and one unit is equal to 47.86 Indian rupees. It is marked by symbol of $. The notes available are $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. On holding up to the light, an image of the Queen can be seen on notes.

International Education System
The top ranked educational institutes of New Zealand generates the breed of multi-talented and knowledgeable professionals, this is the only reason why the education of this country gained the reputation in all over the world. NZ’s eight universities are part of international universities community. Moreover, government of this nation invests big amount of money for education and accommodation of overseas students.
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