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Visa means an official approval given by the officers in authority of the country and it is not a separate document but permission on the passport permitting the person to enter, travel and stay in a country for the time period mentioned on it. Visa can be defined as a temporary legal authorization given by immigration officials of a country to a person belonging to another country, indicating that the person’s details are validated and he or she is allowed to enter and stay in that country for a particular period of time.

The consent is provisional in nature and is based on the approval of the immigration officer at the time of actual entry of the person. The officers hold the right to issue or reject the visa entry to the person. Visa includes details like the period of person’s stay, places where he or she is permitted to enter, dates when he or she can enter, number of visits allowed and more. There are different types of visas issued for different purposes like tourist visa, student visa, business visa, visa on medical grounds, work permit or work visa, etc.

Here we would have a glance on the student visa.

Student Visa

Plans for studying abroad? Aspirants need to get a student visa for same. Student visa is also a kind of residence visa. Unlike other visas like tourist or business visas, which are guest visas, residence visas allow the aspirant to live in the destination country for a long period of time and can be renewed or extended while his stay in that country. Student visas are issued to candidates who are selected in licensed colleges, universities and educational institutions all over the world.

Student visa can be defined as a permission that governments give to students who get themselves enrolled at various foreign educational institutions. Most countries issue student visa in order to permit foreign students to attend educational institutions within their borders. Student visa is a non immigrant visa that does not require the holder of the visa to obtain citizenship. Any potential candidate who is seeking higher education in another country must get a student visa for that particular country.

Each county has its own rules regarding issuing of student visa. Different countries have different requirements. Regardless of that, a student’s requirement for a student visa will depend on various factors like whether he or she is selected in the educational institution he is accredited, whether he is taking class for academic credit and duration of his or her stay in that particular country. It is also important to confirm whether he will need a visa with the Embassy or Consulate of the country where he/she will study.

The most important requirement to get a student visa is to confirm that the candidate has been accepted into an academic program. The exact requirements for a candidate’s visa will vary but acquiring for a student visa, include- visa application which must be completely filled out, copies of candidate’s educational certificates. Proof of enrollment in a foreign institution. The candidate’s passport must be valid one. Passport size photographs are another requirement.

These must be latest photographs, no more than six months old, no photo paper with a plain white or light hued background.

Minor Candidate

The candidates who are legally minor means below the age of 18, the Embassy or Consulate should have proof of parental consent before issuing the visa. Minors are required to submit copies of both parents travel permits of driver’s licences, a consent letter signed by both parents, photocopy of candidate’s birth certificate.

Work after Student Visa

Studying in foreign land is expensive. The candidate, not only has to pay for tuition and daily needs, he’ll have to purchase books, supplies also. Students require jobs to help them pay for their expenses. The candidate who is going to study abroad, his visa may or may not allow him to work. Some student visas permit students to work for a set limit of the working hours each week or kind of job they are permitted to take. So, before filling up employment applications and submitting resumes, candidate must ensure that it’s legal for him to work as per his student visa.

Extension of Student Visa

The validity of candidate’s student visa depends on the course he’ll be taking up. So, visa will probably expire soon after the candidate finishes his course. If candidate proceeds with his enrollment, then he will be able to extend the validity of his visa without returning to his home country.
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