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Denmark is located in northern Europe, at the southern end of the Nordic Countries and is part of Scandinavia. In Denmark, there are numerous islands including Jutland peninsula, the larger islands of Zealand, Funen, and Lolland-Falster and 429 other between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, out of which 72 islands are inhabited. It is a unique country because of countless reasons.

In Denmark students can easily find out a study program that they want to pursue, whether it is a research-based program or theory based.There are many programs that are taught in English, introduced to Danish non-compulsory.However, it can be added to the student’s social quotient.Apart from this, to Study in Denmark, you don’t have only options between degree programs, short-term programs or exchange programs, but you also have a choice between universities, university colleges and academics of your higher education. The students may get the benefit of credit transfer opportunities in Denmark to move from one institution to another.

Here, the most unique feature about the opportunities to study in this countries that; the colleges or universities of Denmark offers both types of programmes like professional degree or the main-stream job market courses. So, you can choose any of them as per your requirements. Also, there are some programs that offers more time to students to complete their studies, when they combine the regional studies and practical applications of their subjects with it. Hence, it will be more beneficial for the students to do research about the Education System of Denmarkbefore taking the final call to pursue your further study.


Fact Sheet


Country: Denmark (Including Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Capital: Copenhagen

Area: 2.211 million km²

Population: 5.731 million

GDP: 1.3%

Employment Rate: 93.12%

Currency: Danish Kroner

Living in Denmark

As we all know that only the geographical structure and facilities of a country is not the key factors that firstly we need to consider in our mind while we are choosing a study destination. Therefore, we have some key features related to educational facilities in this country that every student need to know before choosing their study destination. Here, the team of “Western Overseas Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd.” is going to provide a few points about the top reasons of choosing it as a study destination. It will help you to clear your doubt that, Why you should apply for this study destination:

Denmark is a Business Hub of Europe. This country is known as the well organized,  friendly & safe Country that offers an innovative educational system to their students. By getting a Denmark Student visa, you may get the opportunity to earn for a limited period of time during your studies. By participating in the collaborative projects, you will also get the opportunity to make new friends across the world. Also, the free Higher Education facility is available for the students who are a part of student exchange programmes or who have a permanent residential permit or temporary residence permit that can be later upgraded to permanent resident permit.

In Denmark, higher education is concentrated on bringing regarding real-world solutions. In this way, ancient lectures are combined with industrial co-operation and teaching strategies, that encourage students to learn that how to use these strategies, and alter this fresh information with new solutions. It is known as the happiest country in the world on the basis of employment rate and literacy rate.

Many other scholarship facilities are offered by the Danish government to the deserving students who wants to pursue their higher education from this Country. Also, you can Study in Denmark with your spouse, by getting a Spouse Visa. Students from EU or EEA (European Economic Area), who wants to pursue their higher education can get the benefit of free education by studying in Denmark. The learning environment in Denmark is open and peaceful, students and teachers can debate openly during class lectures.

The living cost of Denmark is low that attracts the students towards this highly recommended study destination. So, you can contact to our Denmark visa consultants.

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